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Jenna Padbury
I earned my B.S. in secondary education Social Studies with a Spanish Minor and a Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministry. While student teaching I realized the world is our shared classroom and life our shared curriculum. That outlook has taken me across the U.S. and temporarily into several countries to facilitate experiential learning opportunities. My broad based social studies background prepared me to think about and apply information and practices across disciplines. This has proven invaluable when it comes to teaching Capstones. My academic and professional background in pastoral ministry has been especially useful when I am developing curriculum that incorporates personal and group reflection. I have been practicing, exploring, learning and educating about social change leadership in different capacities throughout my career as an experiential educator. I have worked with a wide variety of community partners with a consistent focus on partners who are working with culturally diverse communities addressing the complex social justice concerns that rise out of economic and social disparity.
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