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Don Trapp
Donald Trapp is the Community Justice Manager for the Pretrial Supervision Program in Multnomah County, Oregon. He has worked in community correction in Oregon since 1988. He has served as the Project Manager for the Department of Community Justice’s evidence-based practices initiative, and continues to provide training to staff in Multnomah and other Oregon counties on evidence-based case management practices. He has served as a consultant with the Crime and Justice Institute and has provided technical assistance in pretrial and community supervision programs to local jurisdictions through the National Institute of Corrections. In addition, he has conducted workshops and provided trainings for corrections agencies on implementing evidence-based practices, managing offender risk, and organizational change and development, and is the author of several papers in these subjects. Donald Trapp has a Masters Degree in Psychology, and is an Associate Faculty of Criminal Justice at Portland State University. Since 1999, he has facilitated a Capstone Course partnering with the Multnomah County Department of Community Justice Multnomah County Department of Community Justice (DCJ) administers pretrial, probation, and parole supervision services. DCJ promotes public safety and strives to reduce recidivism with adult offenders through a balance of supervision, services, and sanctions. The Department seeks to share information with community members, partners, and staff on what works to prevent and reduce crime, and routinely evaluate the extent to which local policies support those best practices. The department’s strategies seek to protect public safety, control costs, hold adult offenders accountable in a fair and just manner, assisting them to develop skills necessary for success and effectively using public resources
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