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Anmarie Trimble
With an interdisciplinary background in peer-based learning, literature, music and multimedia arts, Anmarie Trimble facilitates student exploration of creative and intellectual connections across disciplines. She brings these connections to Power & Imagination Freshman Inquiry, which explores the interwoven relationship between domination, resistance, and empowerment through stories of power and perception as represented in art, literature, science, politics, and other fields. Her Mentoring & Empowerment Senior Capstone is a 10+ year collaboration with the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA), and combines student-centered and trauma-informed pedagogy with cross-cultural understanding. She is also a musician and creative director for the literary art-rock band little hexes, and creates multimedia installations in collaboration with other Portland artists. Until 2014 she edited the now-retired Born Magazine (www.bornmagazine.org), which pioneered forms of literary-technology collaboration, helping build the foundation for new approaches to literary arts on the Web.
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