This capstone is similar to the Gender and Violence capstone but includes more emphasis on international issues.

Brief description   

Our region, as well as world, is witnessing a rapid and unprecedented growth in the proportion and number of older adults. The window of opportunity for preparing communities is shrinking rapidly. This researched-based course seeks to improve understanding of physical, social, and service environments and it aims to share research findings with local partners in an effort to make the Portland region a better place for those of all ages and abilities.

This course will partner with Portland’s Community Cycling Center, helping them increase their capacity by developing grants for specific projects. The Community Cycling Center works to broaden access to bicycling and the benefits of cycling. Their vision is to build a vibrant community where people of all backgrounds use bicycles to stay healthy and connected. In order to write a successful grant proposal, one must gather up as much knowledge about the topic and the organization as possible.

Quality Assurance for Volunteer Stream Monitoring.

Science Background Not Required.

Asset mapping methods combined with geographic information systems (GIS) technology have proven to be effective ways to help citizens and organizations identify, analyze, describe, and mobilize around assets and issues of concern to them.

The Community Geography Project of the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies has a history of training PSU students, community groups, and middle and high school students in asset mapping and GIS technology to enable them to ask new questions and better strategize and promote community agendas.

Strengthening Headstart: Health, Growth And Justice  Head Start is this nation's largest investment in young children to date.  It is also one of the few remaining efforts from the 1960's "War on Poverty".  
Students will:

This capstone will investigate the diverse objects from the Medieval and Early Modern periods (c. 1000-1750 CE) located in the Portland Area. A particular focus on understudied material in the John Wilson Special Collections of Multnomah County Library, which provides an invaluable cross-section of the transition from the manuscript to the printed book.

Grant Writing for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance  Grant writing skills are critical to the survival of non-profit organizations. In this course, we partner with Portland’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) to help them increase their capacity by developing grants for specific projects. The BTA ( works to promote bicycling and improve bicycling conditions in Oregon and SW Washington.