Community Development

Our region, as well as world, is witnessing a rapid and unprecedented growth in the proportion and number of older adults. The window of opportunity for preparing communities is shrinking rapidly. This researched-based course seeks to improve understanding of physical, social, and service environments and it aims to share research findings with local partners in an effort to make the Portland region a better place for those of all ages and abilities.

This course is designed to give students an opportunity to learn about and become involved in the development of the Portland Metro EcoDistrict Pilot Program. This class will focus on providing students with the history and present-day state of the work on EcoDistricts in Portland, as well as real and powerful ways to engage with the development of an EcoDistrict. Students will be introduced to basic concepts and practices related to EcoDistrict in general and then specifically work to develop an important initiative within one of the five pilot EcoDistricts in the city.

Greenspaces: Summer Academia for Latino Youth. ​Since 2009, GREENSPACES - LATINO YOUTH has offered students the opportunity to explore the outdoors with at-risk and gang-involved Latino youth enrolled in Latino Network's Community Healing Initiative. Students can also choose to complete indirect service options such as research, data collection, and curriculum development.