Working with Latine Youth

Instructor Name: 
Cynthia Carmina Gómez
Course Description: 

Working with Latine Youth: ​Since 2007, this course has offered students the opportunity to work with gang-impacted Latino youth enrolled in Latino Network's Youth Empowerment and Violence Prevention Program. Students can also choose to complete indirect service options such as research, data collection, and curriculum development. Capstone coursework focuses on the three areas of sustainability: social equity, the economy, and the environment. Spanish-language proficiency is not required. 



Community Partner: Latino Network

Youth Empowerment and Violence Prevention Program:

Students will:

1) Work with adjudicated youth. Activities include participating in established facilitated workshops, regular check-ins with youth, training, and small group activities.

2) Create, facilitate, and deliver a curriculum specifically tailored to the needs of adjudicated youth. 

3) Create a historical archive related to Latino Network's youth violence prevention efforts.

Sex Offender Background Check Requirement: Our community partner, Latino Network, honors lived experiences and will not screen for other convictions.
Trillium Lake: Students with Community Youth

Don't hesitate to contact faculty member Cynthia Gomez for additional information:

Note: Cynthia also works at PSU as the Director of Community & Civic Impact. Before this role, she served as the Executive Director of the Cultural Resource Centers for nine years. 

You must attend the first day of class, or you will be dropped from the course. No exceptions


Oneonta Gorge: Students and youth on a hike






Project Description: 

Coursework involves a review of sustainability as it relates to the environment, social equity, and the economy; democratic dialogue; and social justice and environmental justice theory. The coursework and fieldwork create an experience for students that deepens the understanding of critical issues facing marginalized communities with the hope that more will seek policy reform focused on social and ecological equity.

NOTE: The previous title for this course was Community Greenworks/Greenspaces.