Poverty Awareness

Pathways to Health Equity (Formerly called Health Professionals as Agents of Change)

Description: This course introduces students to collaborative approaches for addressing the complex factors that influence health and equity, also referred to as the social determinants of health. Students will reflect on their current or future role as agents of change and the various sectors and pathways to promoting positive social change. Before the course begins, in consultation with the instructor,
students will choose a community-based organization according to their interests.

Students in this Capstone will learn about homelessness, housing policy and issues of women in poverty, while partnering with Rosehaven, a women's day shelter which welcomes women off the street and addresses their needs by offering services, assistance and simply, a warm, dry place to rest. Students will support the work of Rosehaven by supporting their marketing efforts, particularly for its annual Reigning Roses Walk, which helps create awareness and raise support to serve 2,400 people annually.