Marketing to Fight Women's Homelessness (WOMEN'S HOMELESSNESS)

Instructor Name: 
Julia Delgado
Course Description: 

Students in this Capstone will learn about homelessness, housing policy and issues of women in poverty, while partnering with Rosehaven, a women's day shelter which welcomes women off the street and addresses their needs by offering services, assistance and simply, a warm, dry place to rest. Students will support the work of Rosehaven by supporting their marketing efforts, particularly for its annual Reigning Roses Walk, which helps create awareness and raise support to serve 2,400 people annually. 

We will meet Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:30. Students need to support the day-of walk logistics, and therefore must be available on Sunday, May 14th, for part of the day. The course will be taught Urban League Programs Director, Julia Delgado and by Kristin Tiegen, a long time Capstone instructor.

Students are graded on their 30-hour community service project, a quiz, and a 10 page paper based on course content-- no additional research, beyond the course readings, are expected for this paper. There are no mid-terms or finals.