Convening Diverse Groups to Resolve Community Issues

Instructor Name: 
Laurel Singer
Course Description: 

Convening Diverse Groups to Resolve Community Issues  Creating sustainable solutions to the most critical and pressing issues confronting our communities is only possible when diverse stakeholders are able to come to together to collaborate.  This course is designed to give students an opportunity to gain essential knowledge and skills to work effectively in collaboration with others, and to understand how that same collaborative process is successfully being used to solve our most pressing community problems.  Local leaders can play a critical role serving as "conveners" to bring together diverse groups of stakeholders to collaboratively resolve issues impacting the community at large. In this course, students will interview leaders who have served as conveners for Oregon Solutions collaborative projects, and assess what elements are needed to effectively serve in this role to ensure a successful outcome. At the end of the term, students will present their findings in a written report and oral presentation to Oregon Solutions staff.

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