Healing Trauma: Healing Community

Instructor Name: 
Neera Malhotra
Course Description: 

Trauma often leads to contemplative dissociation- a detachment from the body and the mind. Through a social justice framework, together we will explore trauma and healing using Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB).  IPNB is relational neuroscience that offers kinder, broader wisdom to understand how we are hurt and how we heal within relationships (including the relationship with the self). In this class, you will learn about trauma, including internalized oppression, grief, and suffering; healing through mindfulness, reflective writing, and movement-based practices; and how contemplative, compassion-based tools can be used for healing and transformation for both the self and community.  Along the way, you'll also gain skills in deep listening, intercultural communication, and leadership. In partnership with All Born In- Social Justice Youth Program (North West Down Syndrome Association), the culminating class project is to develop a Contemplation for Social Justice Day on campus. Come prepared to participate in sitting and movement-based practices and work with the community partner based on their requirements. For your comfort, you are invited to bring a journal, cushion, and blanket/ mat to each class.