Medieval Portland

Instructor Name: 
Ann McClanan
Course Description: 

The Medieval Portland capstone is a great fit if you love research, for in this class each student undertakes--with mentoring from the Professor--an individual research project about either a locally housed medieval object or a Portland building with influence from  medieval architecture. Students from many different majors have done well in the capstone, as long as they work hard doing the detective work involved in original research. The community partner varies depending on the term, but have included the Portland Art Museum, the Multnomah County Library John Wilson Rare Book Room, and Mount Angel Abbey.

While most of your work will take place on your preferred schedule, you  need to be available for 2-3 sessions during the term to do on-site research of your specific object.   Each week students turn in part of the research project, getting feedback and suggestions after each step.

Lowcost.  Partially Online