Multimedia Production Team (MULTIMEDIA)

Instructor Name: 
Robert Bremmer
Course Description: 


Community  issues and needs are addressed  by developing online media. Students form teams, developing  web pages, videos and other digital media to assist community partners achieve their goals, and to address community needs. 

We are fully online, students may be remote anywhere in the world with good internet connection. Expect considerable communication between students in groups; the course is split between group work and individual work You must communicate and work as part of a team, and team skills and methods will be shared in the class. 

You work in six groups: Client Liaison/Research, Content Development, User Interface/User Experience, Technical, Marketing and Coordination. Your group work is developing a large class specific website and/or video, and some design elements in the long-standing public facing blog. Your individual work focuses on Responding to prompts aligned with UNST goals, writing and publishing blog posts and integrating the principles from the text into the work and class discussions.  

While our product is an online tool useful to the community, the underlying  focus is on Sustainability, Equity, and social justice and how they overlap.  Prerequisites: An open mind, willingness for group work,  and desire to excel and grow as an individual.

Project Description: