Multimedia Production Team (MULTIMEDIA)

Instructor Name: 
Robert Bremmer
Course Description: 

In this online class students work together communicating with each other and a community partner developing digital content which can be websites, videos, blogs, social media, documentation or other digital assets. Students further develop critical thinking, project management, communication and technical skills while working together creating project output. Students work within small groups achieving parts of the solution, and across groups, to combine their efforts into a complete solution. Students participate in Reflective Response discussion groups addressing issues of social justice and applying solutions. The class practices active agency involvement by developing digital solutions that have real world impact and persist long after the class is over. Students are not told specifically what to do, rather they are presented with the tools, challenges and recommendations for successful completion, while the instructor guides as needed. Grading is on participation and essay-answers on the midterm and final. Comfort experimenting with technology is required, while expertise is not necessary. We actively use Zoom, D2L, and Google tools, along with multiple other digital tools as necessary. Prior development experience not required, though it is helpful. Willingness to actively participate and communicate and explore developing solutions is required. This is an opportunity to explore open, fast and effective communication with an aim to improving your skills while learning how to apply technical solutions to social justice issues.

Project Description: 

Each term, the class identifies a target demographic and determines how best to develop a tool to alter the behavior and/or thoughts of any user of the site. The prime objective of each class is to create a dynamic group communication and learning experience, where students develop to a higher level in their leadership and communication skills, in addition to experimenting with creative, technical and viral marketing techniques while they create and launch the site.The class self divides into groups: Client Liaison/Research, Content Development, Creative, Technical, Marketing and Management. Guidance and instruction is provided in each area, so expert knowledge is not required however it is beneficial if students have basic skills in one or more areas. The community service goal is a useful product which will continue to be used and even grow readership after the class has disbanded. In addition to group-work, students are expected to conduct their own research and write compelling blog entires throughout the term, and there is a written essay style mid-term and final. The course uses Howard Gardner's Changing Minds as a textbook, and integrates Howard Gardner's principles into the content and message of the class website project.