AKA Science (Impact NW)

AKA Science is a fun, interactive after school science program for students in kindergarten through 6th grade.  Kids participate in hands-on activities and experiments that nurture their curiosity and help them explore the world around them.  AKA Science uses structured yet playful activities to get kids excited about learning.  Students are asked to think about how things work—and they discover that science is fun!  The AKA Science package includes field-tested curriculum, hands-on training and a kit containing the supplies to bring the lesson plans to life. 

The AKA Science program has been in continuous operation since 1996.  It was launched by the Oregon Health Career Center (OHCC), and has continued to grow and expand.  When OHCC closed its doors in 2011, the program found a new home with Impact NW.  AKA Science supports Impact NW’s efforts to “level the playing field” by making high-quality enrichment opportunities accessible to all students.

Through AKA Science, kids encounter the world of science in a dynamic, inviting way.  AKA Science encourages positive attitudes toward both science and school as it helps students gain confidence in their academic abilities.  Hands-on activities and engaging experiments make students eager for future learning experiences.

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