Trillium Charter School

Trillium Charter School is the community partner Capstone students will work with. Trillium Charter School is a democratically-structured environment that fosters students' natural curiosity, creativity, and self-awareness. Students learn to take initiative and assume responsibility for their own learning, which supports constructive interaction with the local, regional, and global community.

In preparation for fieldwork, students present workshops in class. This work is by far the single most effective method of teaching and learning about diversity in this course. The process by which students learn about social justice is greatly augmented because students learn by doing and by learning from each other. The culminating in-class experience involves facilitating workshops in community settings. It is the student’s responsibility to complete all duties concerning the workshop. This includes arranging details with a community contact, securing the dates and times of workshop, supplying hand out materials, obtaining audio visual equipment, and facilitating, debriefing, and assessing workshops. Points earned for fieldwork are determined by student’s level of participation in all of these activities. Student teams report on the fieldwork development process weekly in class.