Retired-Course: Social Justice Education

Instructor Name: 
Cynthia Gomez
Course Description: 

Social Justice Education for Adolescents is an advanced exploration of diversity and social justice in the United States. Capstone students are provided with a framework for understanding specific forms and the interlocking systems of oppression; exploring how oppression affects our lives; taught teaching and training conceptual frameworks about oppression and diversity; and an application of these ideologies and skills in community settings. Please contact for further information (this class is only offered Fall quarter).

Learning Goals of this course are:

  1. To broaden and deepen the understanding of social justice issues.
  2. To work with community partners on a field project.
  3. To research and learn about social justice and facilitation techniques.
  4. To critique and refine civic engagement process and reflect on activities and learning.
Project Description: 

Capstone students, in partnership with a class colleague, research and develop a 40 minute-long facilitated social justice education workshop. Student teams present workshops in class in preparation for community presentations. Student teams are provided with in-class training and supplemental reading material, and meet weekly outside class to engage in the workshop development process. This process includes developing a workshop time line, outline, and handouts; rehearsing and finalizing workshop for in-class presentations and community fieldwork; and planning for field presentation. Teams submit a workshop outline the day of in-class presentations to instructor. Handouts are required for all workshop participants in class and in the field.