Winterhaven Middle School

PSU students will be working with students from Winterhaven Middle School in preperation for their Science Fair.

Winterhaven School was founded on November 9, 1995 when the Portland Public Schools Board of Education approved a proposal for the establishment of the school. Ever since its inception, students in this K-8 focus option school have consistently produced outstanding test scores. In addition, we have had prize-winning teams in chess, Scrabble, and Science Bowl. The key elements of Winterhaven as a school with an emphasis on math and science are as follows:

  • A flexible, creative, and rigorous learning environment geared to the level and rate of the individual student
  • An accelerated curriculum which includes integrated projects, special interest classes, community service, and work-related experiences
  • An emphasis on the development of intellect, character, and creativity with a fostering of a sense of belonging and community
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