The Grant Writing for Animals: Wildlife Conservation in Africa class partners with the Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization ( to further its goals of creating wildlife awareness and increasing conservation efforts in Uga

Grantwriting: Sustainability A grant is a proposal that seeks funds to solve a problem and normally is directed by a nonprofit organization [IRS 501(c)(3) designation] to a federal, state, or local government agency, a foundation, or a corporation.

Grant writing skills are critical to the survival of many non-profit environmental organizations.  In this course you will learn grant writing skills by developing real proposals for a local environmental non-profit organization. The rich history of citizen-based environmental advocacy in the US will play a central role in class discussions, presentations and reflective writing assignments throughout the term.

Student Learning Outcomes

Grant Writing for Indigenous Sustainability   In the online Capstone course Indigenous Grant Writing, students work collaboratively in teams to research and write grants, and to understand the issues of Indigenous communities. Students gain an understanding of collaborative work and the importance of equal participation from every team member. Students examine the role of non-profit organizations in addressing social, ethical, and political issues.

The Portland Actor's Ensemble Grant Writing Project  Students in this Capstone course partner with the Portland Actors Ensemble (  Class uses an experiential approach: that is, students learn to write compelling grant proposals by engaging in the process of writing actual proposals to be used by PAE in its pursuit of funding.