Grantwriting: Environmental Advocacy

Instructor Name: 
Celine Fitzmaurice
Course Description: 

Grant writing skills are critical to the survival of many non-profit environmental organizations.  In this course you will learn grant writing skills by developing real proposals for a local environmental non-profit organization. The rich history of citizen-based environmental advocacy in the US will play a central role in class discussions, presentations and reflective writing assignments throughout the term.

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the steps in the grant seeking process;
  • Understand and complete the elements of a standard grant proposal;
  • Compare and contrast a variety of approaches to environmental advocacy; and,
  • Understand the skills necessary to enhance your appreciation for human diversity through group work in the classroom and an exploration of diverse views on environmental issues.
Project Description: 

Small groups will be formed to research and prepare a grant proposal aimed at supporting the long-term sustainability of our community partner. At the end of the term, each group will present our community partners with an electronic copy and hard copy of their proposal. Our community partners will assist us in brainstorming a list of funding priorities at the beginning of the term.