Current Issues Pregnancy and Birth: Support for mothers during and after incarceration

Instructor Name: 
Carrie Cohen
Course Description: 

Our community partner for the Spring 2018 term will be the Family Preservation Project as we work to address prenatal and postpartum support for women during and after incarceration.  We will work with the FPP and possibly also the Department of Corrections and Coffee Creek Correctional Facility to create a needs assessment for mothers, staff and hospitals.  Additionally we will examine models from around the world be assist wtih improving prenatal and postpartum support education, resources and services for families during incarceration. 

Please note: In the event that students are able to work with moms currently incarcerated at Coffee Creek CF, students will need to complete a background check. 

Additionally, while most work will be completed during class time, there may be 1-2 days where some (or all) students may need to be off campus, including one Saturday in early-mid May to conduct a focus group, or to visit Coffee Creek.