Gender and Violence Global Perspectives

Instructor Name: 
DeEtte Beghtol Waleed
Course Description: 

This capstone is similar to the Gender and Violence capstone but includes more emphasis on international issues.

Brief description   

In addition to violence in our homes, in our workplaces, and on our streets, we are increasingly aware of transgender violence, Military Sexual Trauma and violence against indigenous women. Intimate partner violence and sexual assault become even more difficult when the victim is in a foreign country or in military service. Students will research and interview people locally and in other countries who are working to end gender violence and the systems that support it. In addition we will work with Pathways to Safety International, our community partner, to research laws and culture in specific countries relating to partner violence and sexual assault.

This course offers opportunities to do international research, to build interviewing skills, and to expand students’ résumés. It widens our perspectives and deepens analytical skills. It invites global awareness, preparing students for involvement in national and international issues.  

“In this class I heard from people that are usually silent and invisible.”

Unique Qualities of this Capstone Course

Using Skype software or face-to-face meetings teams of students will interview leaders of projects working with survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence in various areas of the world. Students will research the political and cultural background of domestic violence and sexual assault, returning veterans or indigenous women, and will prepare and present interviews with leaders in these areas. 

Community Partner

Pathways to Safety International (PSI) is a Portland based organization working with Americans in foreign countries to provide domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse advocacy, resources and tools so that they can navigate the complicated jurisdictional, legal and social international landscapes, to be able to live their lives free of abuse either in the foreign country or back in the United States. PSI provides an international toll-free crisis line, trained advocates and case managers, referrals to local law enforcement, sexual assault and family violence agencies and long term assistance. They also provide consultations with a pro bono network of international family law attorneys and assistance with legal retainers, emergency needs, housing and professional counseling.  


Final Product

Students will research gender violence and sexual assault laws and practices in specific countries to add to Pathways to Safety International’s data bases. This information will be presented to the class and to PSI. You will also prepare “Know Before You Go” packets for specific countries for distribution to PSU international students and other travelers. This research will be presented at arranged dates throughout the term and  as a final presentation at the end of the term. Students will also interview people who are survivors of gender violence and who are leading projects to reduce violence and help other heal. Teams of students will research the background of the interviewee, the type of violence and the program to achieve change.