Global Youth in Portland

Instructor Name: 
Jenna Padbury
Course Description: 

During this course students will grow in their cross-cultural skills and understanding. They will learn about refugee resettlement and the systemic educational obstacles that English learners face and overcome.Students completing this capstone will have a well developed sense of their civic identity as it relates to newcomers in their local communities.

Capstone students will serve as homework helpers and classroom assistants for about 3 hours a week. They will serve 1 day a week at one of two service sites. Site 1: Kateri Park homework club Monday through Thursdays from 2:45-5:15 pm Site 2: Markham elementary school about 3 hours typically in the morning Monday thru Thursday. The instructor will contact students before the term begins to set-up service schedules. This capstone course meets only 1 day a week on campus and requires online participation.