Retired-Course: Teaching Art for Social Change

Course Description: 

Some of the essential questions driving the curriculum of this Capstone are: How can Art be a force for social change? How is it? What limits, if any, should there be? What are the differences between change and voice? What are the differences between protest and change?

This course is open to anyone intrigued with the questions raised by public art (and possibilities of Art) in our society. This capstone should be of particular value and interest to students who have a desire to teach, create, work collaboratively and inspire.

Students will develop Art Literacy lessons to teach in public schools. Copies of these lessons will be created and published as a teacher resource. This course will require some flexibility on the part of the students when it comes to the scheduling of the Art Literacy lesson teaching component.

Project Description: 

The primary focus will be investigating the Arts, its affects and effects in society individually, in groups and as a class. In this Capstone you will be creating a final product which will culminate in an Art Literacy Powerpoint for use as a teacher resource, and eventual group teaching of an Art Literacy Lesson with our community partner(s).

We may be using high school  students in critique protocol sessions at least once before the actual teaching/development of the web site/ lesson itself. TBA. This should be helpful on a number of levels, not the least of which will be in determining the relevancy of your methods and information.