Start Community Non-Profit PR

Instructor Name: 
Courtney Dillard
Course Description: 

Creating a Public Relations Program for a Non-Profit  In this Capstone we will apply public relations concepts to assist the Archimedes Movement in expanding their outreach efforts.  Specifically, we will work to develop a greater online presence via social networking websites and online media through the creation and dissemination of a viral marketing campaign.

Over the course of the term, students will be actively involved in researching, developing, and testing preliminary online promotional material.  In the process every student will learn how to conduct audience and contextual analysis, develop effective messages, choose appropriate channels, and engage in best practices for grassroots message dissemination through online channels. Feel free to email me directly with any questions:

This course is designed for students to learn:

  • The role of audience and contextual research in creating effective persuasion
  • Key aspects of message development
  • Online promotional tactics
  • Grassroots advocacy and marketing
  • Project packaging and presentation
  • Group work and decision making

Students should expect to spend approximately 2-4 hours/week outside of class working on this Capstone, including time spent on reading, assignments, (potential) volunteer hours and fieldwork.

Project Description: 

While you will have many opportunities to intersect with our community partner, you will be asked to focus your attention on creating a communication plan for a promotional campaign.  The nature of the project is such that it will build throughout the term - information that you have gained from the lecture and readings can be applied during several workshop days as you construct your communication campaign.  There are four primary phases in building the campaign: research, message development, dissemination, and evaluation.  While you will not be graded at each phase, the failure to do an adequate job in one phase typically has a negative impact on the final product.  Suggested due dates for each phase are listed in the course calendar, but it is the group that must set the final timeline and hold each member accountable to it.  I will discuss the project in detail during the first two weeks of class.

Project Files: