The Portland Actor's Ensemble Grant Writing Project  Students in this Capstone course partner with the Portland Actors Ensemble (  Class uses an experiential approach: that is, students learn to write compelling grant proposals by engaging in the process of writing actual proposals to be used by PAE in its pursuit of funding.

Japanese & Chinese Language Program for Youth

This Capstone takes place over the winter and spring terms. Over two terms, Winter and Spring, Capstone students will work with elementary school programs in the Portland area by assisting the classroom teachers. 

LGBTQ History

Learn about local queer history from the folks who paved the way and help preserve their stories.   Our community partner is the Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN).  Help GLAPN save our history by doing an oral history/interview of an elder member of the community.  GLAPN selects the folks students will interview.  Students will work in pairs for the interview.  Before the interview, students will learn about local queer history including anti-gay ballot initiatives, early gay-rights groups, and social groups.  Students will also examine original sources (such as old newspapers, fliers, newsletters, etc.) and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using oral histories and original sources to save local queer history.

Cities harbor significant natural systems, though they are often culturally miscast as the antithesis of nature.  The trend in city building over the last couple of millennia has increasingly focused on making our cities more efficient machines to support human habitation.

Scott SUN and Portland State University (PSU) coordinate the "Art & Community Mapping" after-school program. PSU Fine Arts professor Sabina Haque leads the class of 20 Scott students (gr. 4-8) and 20 volunteers from her PSU capstone class. PSU and Scott students are matched for individual mentorship.