The Grant Writing for Animals: Wildlife Conservation in Africa class partners with the Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization ( to further its goals of creating wildlife awareness and increasing conservation efforts in Uga

Empowering Portland's EcoDistricts with GIS and Asset Mapping  Asset mapping methods combined with geographic information systems (GIS) technology have proven to be an effective way to help citizens and organizations identify, analyze, describe, and mobilize around assets and issues of concern to them.

The Community Geography Project of the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies trains community groups and middle and high school students in GIS technology to enable them to ask new questions and better strategize and promote their agendas.

Community-Based Art as a Force for Social Change  What can art do? This course will examine the potential that creative acts have to effect social, political,local and personal change through the social application of art in the context of an arts program geared towards homeless and transitional populations facilitated and directed by PSU students.

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Reporting Live

Encouraging the stewardship of our shared resources

Creating Access to College for Low-Income Youth   This Capstone explores a variety of issues related to equal access to education, including language barriers, bilingual education, No Child Left Behind, school funding, standardized testing, curriculum choices, cultural differences, and lack of health care, among others.